Registration (for 28–31 Dec.)

2019 West Coast Chinese Christian Conference

Make sure you’ve looked at our exciting conference program for the 2019 West Coast Chinese Christian Conference!

Registration Fees

Students who register as first-time Bible study leaders at the conference, and lead according to our method (for which training is available), can get $110 back from the alumni association (W4CAA). Thus, if they have registered by 1 November, they can attend our four-day conference for just $25! In addition, they can receive a subsidy of $250 for air travel within North America (for intercontinental air travel, $500). Wow! Don’t miss this special opportunity!

Category By 1 Nov. 1 Nov. to 15 Dec.
Student $270 $135 $270
Adult $375 $450
Family $750 $950

For those who are unable to attend the whole conference, and want to come for just two days or just a day trip, we also have some other price reductions. These reduced prices are shown on the last page of the registration form.

Registration Form

You can complete the registration form either in a different window or right here below.

If you wish to use PayPal rather than sending a cheque, please send payment at our PayPal page.

Workshop Signup

Once you have registered, in November we will get in touch with you in order for you to sign up for specific workshops; in the meantime, we will update our workshop offerings on the website.


If you have a Twitter account, go ahead and vote on what brings you to the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference this year; if it’s something other than the four things listed, tweet back at us with what excites you the most.