2021 Thematic Bible Conference Speaker: Alastair Roberts

For those who are considering the 2021 Thematic Bible Conference, to be held 29–31 May, we have confirmed Alastair Roberts as a keynote speaker for the third consecutive year, this time for the beginning of Acts now that we have finished our study of Luke:

We can be tempted to regard the book of Acts as if it were merely a long fade-out coda to the New Testament story, entirely secondary to the narrative of the gospels, where the real importance lies. If the Gospels tell of the advent and work of Christ, however, the book of Acts narrates the advent and work of his Spirit, in a mission that arises from and continues the work of Christ in his earthly ministry. Through attention to the motifs, types, echoes. narrative patterns, and parallel structures of the opening chapters of Acts, the careful reader will be equipped to perceive the deeper significance and theology of the Church which animates much of the rest of the New Testament.

The registration form should be ready in about one week, so stay tuned. We hope to see you at the Thematic Bible Conference this May!

Lue-Yee Tsang

Lue-Yee Tsang, BA Calif. Berkeley 2009, is an Anglican seminarian, interested in developing classical Christian education within the Chinese cultural tradition, and in biblical worship that forms the affections in the image of Christ’s risen, glorified, and incorruptible body. His very uneven Chinese literacy allows him to quote classical Chinese poetry but not to read a Chinese newspaper article quickly.

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