Fall 2022 Update

14 September 2022

Holy Cross Day, 14 September 2022. [Paste letter here.] What WCCCC Is For: Conquest Through Christ (Appendix A) By Lue-Yee Tsang, a rationale for renewing the emphasis of the winter conference to face 21st-century challenges. In 1969, some Chinese students held a retreat in the week after Christmas Day, and in the ensuing years the […]

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Spring Update, and Fasting Before Easter

17 February 2021

Today is Ash Wednesday, a time of fasting for much of the Church in remembrance of our sins. Besides being a key date for this quarter’s Ember fast (next Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday), a time when the Church fasts before the Lord and makes ready for the quarterly ordinations of deacons and elders, it also […]

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