2022 Winter Conference: To Bear My Name Before the Gentiles and Kings (Sign Up!)

WCCCC’s 2022 winter conference, now called the Kingdom Leadership Conference, will be held from 31 December 2022 to 2 January 2023, to the theme To Bear My Name Before the Gentiles and Kings 播我名於異邦人及諸王 (Acts 9.10–16).

For the first time, the conference will be held not at Mount Hermon Camp & Conference Center, as in past years, but at Pine Valley Bible Conference Center, San Diego County, California, an hour east of San Diego International Airport (SAN).

We will have both plenary and breakout sessions, but this is not a conference where we merely sit back and listen: central to our conference for 50 years has been group participation in inductive Bible studies, where we actively seek out what God has intended to convey to us in the Scripture passages we study together. In our workshops, too, come expecting to discuss the topics together as the Holy Spirit guides us by the light of his holy word.

This winter, we welcome people of all races and ethnicities, both male and female, to join us at the Kingdom Leadership Conference. We recognize that God has created the two sexes with distinct callings, man to work the earth and woman to be a fit helper to him. Nevertheless, we encourage both men and women to join us and grow in their ability to lead others to both faith in Jesus and the good works that he does in us, as Christ our crucified, risen, and ascended king crushes Satan under the feet of his Church (Romans 16.20).



The Rev. Steven Macias, one of our keynote speakers, is rector of St Paul’s Anglican Church, Los Altos, California, and also headmaster of Canterbury Christian School.

The Rev. Joshua Ting, one of our keynote speakers, is Executive Vice President and Associate Professor at GETS Theological Seminary, Covina, California, and was also a keynote speaker at the 2018 Hong Kong Bible Conference.

Richard Yen, MD and PhD in genetics, founding CEO of Fibroplate Inc. and holder of dozens of patents and several US government grants, is a founding leader of WCCCC.

Michael Yung, PhD in engineering and founder of UCLA’s Chinese Christian Fellowship in the 1970s, is a founding leader of WCCCC and an elder at Chinese Bible Church of West Los Angeles.

Eric Pak Liang, MABS, MBA, and PhD in engineering, YouTuber, strategy consultant, adjunct professor and IT manager, who served as WCCCC board chairman in 1979 and 1980, is a founding leader of WCCCC and a deacon at Peace Evangelical Community Church of Los Angeles.

Lue-Yee Tsang is a board member of WCCCC, a parishioner at Holy Trinity Fairfax, and a seminary student at Wycliffe College, whose degree summative paper compares 4th-century Church fathers Lactantius and Ambrose of Milan in their use of heathen moral exempla in Divine Institutes and On Duties (De Officiis).


Michael Yung on how Christians can gain, and use, assurance of salvation as they bear witness to the gospel before the nations and their kings in obedience to the Great Commission to bring every nation under the discipline of Christ’s reign over heaven and earth.

Richard Yen on why Christians should, and how they can, support like-minded political candidates in a time when anti-Christian elements are in control of the government.

Eric Pak Liang on Christian leaders’ responsibilities in turbulent times.

Lue-Yee Tsang on how the history of the Church in the Roman empire can encourage us and broaden our vision for China and the West today.


On-site recreation includes archery, camp fire, and ball games.


A separate fee will be charged for some optional recreation activities; signup will be available after conference registration.


Conference Registration Fees

The 2022 Kingdom Leadership Conference’s registration fees will vary according to two deadlines: 15 October and 13 December. If you are ready to sign up and pay by 15 October, please do so. Fees will be as follows (speakers and their spouses and children attend for free):

Fee Type By 15 October By 13 December
Student Rate $160 $190
Adult Rate $230 $280

Thanks to a donor, we also offer a student subsidized rate, for 10 select students only, of $125. For more information about this student subsidized rate, please get in touch with Tony Chan by email: TonyChan [at] w4caa [dot] org.

Lue-Yee Tsang

Lue-Yee Tsang, BA Calif. Berkeley 2009, is an Anglican seminarian, interested in developing classical Christian education within the Chinese cultural tradition, and in biblical worship that forms the affections in the image of Christ’s risen, glorified, and incorruptible body. His very uneven Chinese literacy allows him to quote classical Chinese poetry but not to read a Chinese newspaper article quickly.

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