Publicity & Design

Greetings from the Publicity & Design Team!

I’m so excited to be seeing many of you in this year’s 50th Anniversary of the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference! This year, we are working together with the W4CAA to plan the Jubilee Celebration, ‘Cherish the Past, Treasure the Present, Embrace the Future: A Century of Christian Student Movement’. Decades ago, God gave a few Chinese Christians a fervent desire to ‘co-work with West Coast Chinese churches to bring about a grass roots spiritual revival’. While the organization early on did not have this vision officially stated, this underlying message has always been a key desire in WCCCC’s hope of being part of the Great Commission’s fulfillment in and through the Chinese people.

Typography, Aesthetics, and Design

In remembrance and celebration of past years handbooks prior to the 90s, this years 2019 handbook will be a callback to our larger magazine-style (8.5″x11″) handbooks. To help interest you in the upcoming conference and as an encouragement to join the design team, above is a collage of some of our best designs over the past 50 years.

Publicity 2019 Focus

In addition to our annual publicity responsibilities, we also want to promote WCCCC because of how unique and special this year’s Conference will be. This year, the publicity team will focus on the following:

Publicize our Vision

Before we officially start WCCCC 2019’s publicity, we first want people to join our movement for a grassroots revival!

Restore Quarterly Newsletter, The Messenger

We want to restore WCCCC’s quarterly newsletter, The Messenger. The restored quarterly will help keep WCCCC’s alumni aware of what is going on in this ministry, and the end of the quarterly newsletter will provide opportunities for people to pray for us and to serve.

Send Monthly Emails

In addition to our newsletter, we want to send monthly emails to all of the conferees. The audience of this monthly email will be the following:

  1. WCCCC alumni. Emails will help summarize the planning and executing of the organization so far.
  2. People who have made commitments. Emails will provide those who have made commitments with useful documents and encourage them to continue to fulfill their commitments this year. These emails can also be helpful for people who are interested in making commitments but did not make commitments during the conference.
  3. Potential conferees. When people are interested in learning about WCCCC, they can begin to learn about the organization and how its meetings are set up. They can also join up through invitations for available positions and needs in WCCCC.

The aim of these emails is to inform and encourage all of these audiences.

Revamp the Website

When outsiders want to learn more about WCCCC, one of the first places that they can explore is our website. We want to restore some of the features of prior WCCCC website designs by providing them free access to past documents, Bible study materials, and devotional materials that WCCCC.

People looking into WCCCC will thus have a place to join in this student movement of doing what is humanly possible to promote a grassroots revival among the Chinese Churches of North America’s west coast!

Create Posters, Pamphlets, and Merchandise

We want to create merch for people to bring home to remind themselves of this ministry and their commitment to start a grassroots revival.

Sign Up for Work Groups

There is so much we need to do for the upcoming 50th anniversary of WCCCC! We need your help!

Interested in serving? Contact us at!

Have unique skills that can help train others to grow professionally? Consider becoming a group captain.

Interested in making past WCCCC material accessible for others?

Help join our archives team in template design and branding material.

WCCCC Merchandise

We want to make:

  • Hats,
  • Shirts,
  • Posters of a collage of old Winter Conference handbooks, and
  • Design templates for all monthly emails leading up to the conference.

Outreach Material

We want to:

  • Write and finish the quarterly newsletter,
  • Determine the brand name,
  • Develop brand videos, and
  • Make branding flyers and theme flyers.

Be a Blessing to Others

Serving in WCCCC is a great way for you to learn and co-work with other Christians with similar passions and goals.

Talk to you soon!