Work Groups

Policy for Work Groups


The Work Groups (WGs) are members of small teams of 3-10 people that are responsible for a specific aspect of this ministry. Essentially, WGs are the “hands and feet” of this ministry.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities

Work Groups are responsible for a specific task related to the ministry and the upcoming conference. Each Work Group is responsible for a particular aspect associated in fulfilling the mission of W4C.

Here are some of the working groups that collaborating together for the upcoming 2019 conference. If you are interested in starting your own working group, feel free to contact me at

WG1: Memorabilia

  • Garments with special artwork
  • Jewelry
  • Pictures and frames
  • W4C flags and slogans

WG2: Archives, Records, and Design

  • Trendsetters
  • Special personnel
  • History
  • Photos
  • Articles/testimonies
  • Graphic design of handbook and flyers

WG3: Event

  • Talent show
  • Alumni roundtable
  • Theme song competition
  • Special celebration group activities
  • Embracing the next fifty-year ceremony
  • Finale theme song and marching parade

WG4: Publicity

  • Literature content
  • Flyer and poster content
  • Branding-video content
  • Area reps, Mandarin czar

WG5: Worship Services

  • Scripture readings
  • Corporate prayers
  • Songs
  • Communion

WG6: 2019 Handbook Contents

  • Compile content for the conference handbook
  • Work with WG2 to put together the handbook

WG7: Small Group Bible Study

  • Select scriptures to fully manifest major aspects of the theme
  • Create a training package for the Bible study leaders
  • Recruit Bible study leaders
  • Organize Bible study leader training

WG8: Preparation

  • Come up with plans for logistics, including booths, organizing rides, recruiting area contacts, and publicity.
  • Encouraging and keeping accountable other Work Groups on tasks related to the upcoming conference

WG9: Recruitment

Purpose: search and nominate personnel to fill necessary posts

  • Create a survey and call for service for the W4C
  • Network with college fellowships and churches locally, regionally, nationally, and globally
  • Identify and invite potential personnel to fill in positions as required by the W4C

WG10: Paperless Design (IT)

  • Replace all paper registration forms with electronic files
  • Replace all in-conference paper feedback or survey forms with Google Documents or Forms
  • Create interest/service surveys using Google Forms

WG11: Follow-Through

  • For counselling after altar calls and after-conference activities
  • Create training program for in-conference counsellors for altar calls
  • Create after conference follow-through activities
  • Initiate regional chapters for regular local meetings

WG12: Exploring a Meaningful Student Life

  • Programs for non-believing student participants.
  • Finalize all the proposed workshop topics with suggested speakers
  • Create special activities such as zipline and rock climbing adventures
  • Work with Mount Hermon on implementation details

WG13: Building Good Foundations for a Kingdom-driven Life

  • Programs for general Christian participants
  • Some workshops have already been proposed, and they need to be confirmed and finalized with speakers
  • Create discussion groups and activities to enhance the program
  • Develop Leadership training program

WG14: Leaving a Legacy from a Kingdom-driven Life

  • Programs for parents and retirees
  • This WG focuses on parenting and meaningful investment of resources after retirement
  • Some workshops have already been proposed, and they need to be confirmed and finalized with speakers
  • Create discussion groups to enhance the program
  • Create activities and programs for parents and retirees

More Information

If you would like to know more information about working groups, how to become a team captain, or how to serve, feel free to contact the 2019 Executive Director, Paul Materum, at and/or sign up to our WCCCC Interest Form.

See you in the 2019 50th Anniversary of WCCCC!