2019 Speakers and Workshops

Keynote Speakers

As in past years at the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference (WCCCC), we have two keynote speakers, one in the morning and another in the evening. The morning lecturer shares with us her insights from the Bible’s wisdom, and the evening preacher challenges us to live by the word of the God by whose wisdom the worlds were made.

Chloë Sun, PhD (Morning Lecturer)

Dr Sun is the professor of Old Testament at Logos Evangelical Seminary in El Monte, California. She earned her PhD in Old Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has authored several books in both English and Chinese. Her passion is to communicate Scripture through teaching and writing in order to transform lives.

In her conference lectures, Dr Sun will be speaking in Mandarin with English and Cantonese interpretation.

The Rev. Kaho Jim, ThM (Evening Preacher)

Mr Jim graduated with a Master of Theology degree with high honors (ThM High Honors) from Dallas Theological Seminary, receiving the J. Ellwood Evans Award (Pastoral Ministry Department Award) and elected by the seminary faculty as one of four senior preachers who demonstrated the best expository preaching discipline among the graduating class of 2008.

Mr Jim continued his theological training while pastoring God’s church and was a doctoral candidate of the Doctor of Ministry program (DMin [ABD]) in the Expository Preaching track at Talbot School of Theology. Because of busy ministry, however, Mr Jim did not complete his doctoral thesis.

Pastor Jim is a certified “Evangelism Explosion” training teacher and a certified “Follow Up and Nurturing Ministry” clinic instructor; he is also the representative of Youth For Christ (HK) in the North America region. He has been helping various churches build up discipleship and nurturing ministries.

In mid-2015, with a clear vision and conviction from the Lord, Mr Jim began a new church planting ministry and founded Skywalk Bible Church in the San Francisco South Bay area with other fervent Christians, serving as the church’s lead pastor, aiming to connect people in the community to God and build up disciples of Christ.

In his conference sermons, Mr Jim will be speaking in Cantonese with English and Mandarin interpretation.


As in past years, George Shen will be interpreting the keynote speakers’ sessions for us.

Other Speakers

Besides our keynote speakers, we have various speakers giving workshops during four workshop sessions on 29 and 30 December. For reference, here is the conference schedule:

Here are some of these speakers and their workshops.

Andrew Briggs, PhD

Professor Andrew Briggs is the inaugural holder of the Chair in Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. His research interests focus on nanomaterials for quantum technologies and their incorporation into practical devices. He uses similar techniques for experimental tests of the boundaries of non-classical behaviour in materials.

He is Governing Body Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford, Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion, and Member of Academia Europaea. Since 2010 he has directed the services provided by the University of Oxford for Templeton World Charity Foundation. He has more than 600 publications, with over 24,500 citations. A list can be found here.

Current scientific results from his laboratory include using machine learning for tuning quantum devices, for which the full paper can be found here, and using single-electron transport to cause nanomechanical oscillations, for which the full paper can be found here.

His recent publications for a general readership include The Penultimate Curiosity: How science swims in the slipstream of ultimate questions (with Roger Wagner, 2016 OUP) available in Spanish as La curiosidad penúltima and the documentary film is available at CuriosityStream; It Keeps Me Seeking (with Hans Halvorson and Andrew Steane, 2018 OUP); and the six-book series for children, The Curious Science Quest (with Julia Golding and Roger Wagner, 2018–19 Lion Hudson).

K. C., MD

Profession as Mission (English, Mandarin)

GoLiveServe (GLS): use your profession to serve in China and the Muslim world.

Perhaps you are asking: Can I serve in missions with my training in finance, IT or healthcare? What will happen to my career and children’s education overseas? What about care for parents?

Forty years ago, a group of students and young professionals in an LA missions prayer group asked the same questions. Today, many of them have served in East and Central Asia for 10, 20, or more years. They can all testify to God’s faithfulness. One of them left medicine to start the GoLiveServe ministry to send missional professionals, since most 10/40 Window countries do not issue missionary visas.

Having begun with a handful of teachers in the 1990s, today GLS is a diverse network of professionals. Their lines of work vary from running anti-human-trafficking social enterprises to teaching philosophy; most are in business and technology. The majority of them are Asian Americans aged 30–50; a few are early retirees. In 30 years, more than a thousand, young and old, have joined our short-term projects in several countries.

As China’s Belt & Road Initiative revives the ancient Silk Road, come serve Muslim young people in our language and business center in Central Asia. Join us in reaching the emerging tech capitals of the 10/40 Window.

Go where you are needed. Live fully in Christ. And serve to make a difference.

Johnson Chiu, MBA

Mr Chiu, born and raised in Hong Kong, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications, and then an MBA, from the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation, he worked 6 years in mass communication and 34 years in information technology, holding senior management positions in sales and marketing for 6 global corporations.

Mr Chiu has worked in Hong Kong, Canada, China, Singapore, and the United States, and managed more than 120 professionals over the course of his career. He is now a management consultant, conducting leadership and sales training for corporations and mentoring college students in the San Francisco Bay Area. This school year, he is conducting a yearlong leadership training for DeAnza, Foothill, and SJSU students through the CCEM ministry in Cupertino.

Enlightening the Leadership in You (Mandarin)

Everybody needs leadership skills, whether at work, in Christian ministries, at school, or elsewhere in our daily lives. What people are not aware of is that we all have some leadership skills within us, things that we have learnt from our parents, our teachers, our bosses, and our friends.

In this workshop, we will review lessons from great leaders and business professionals, and through group exercises and discussions we will all experience a journey in enlightening the leadership skills within us.

Christopher Kan, PhD

Dr Kan obtained all his degrees from UC Berkeley in civil engineering: his BS in 1970, his MS in 1972, his PhD in 1976. As a Bible student, he is self-taught, with no formal theological training. He began teaching ‘How to Lead Bible Studies’ in the mid-1970s, and sometimes also taught ‘How to Study the Bible’ and ‘Follow-up’; he has now taught in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Texas, Boston, Toronto, and Hong Kong. He is also an avid student of history, both ancient and modern, both western and eastern.

Personal Evangelism (English, Cantonese)

This is the first time he is teaching ‘Personal Evangelism’. His material is entirely newly minted and not presented before. He advocates a return to New Testament practice in evangelism, and a rigorous re-examination of the content of the NT gospel. A digital copy of his writings on this topic is available for anyone interested.

Nancy King-Chan, MEd

Ms King-Chan (Mrs Chan) is a full-time, tenured professor/counselor in a Los Angeles college. She has been providing career, academic, and international-student counseling for more than 25 years. She received her master’s degree in educational counseling from the University of Southern California (USC) and majored in biology and psychology at UCLA. At her Chinese church, she served as director/member of the mission board for 9 years. Currently, she does volunteer outreach to more than 100 international students and scholars. She is the wife of Dr Tony Chan, and mother of Esther Chan, a medical student.

Discover Who You Are Meant to Be (English)

Do you want to feel a sense of purpose for your life? Do you want to work toward the betterment of others? Do you want to find your own uniqueness in contributing to the world? In this workshop, you will take a simple career test to identify your personality type. Your Myers-Briggs personality type will be explained to help in career counseling to choose your major and your career. But knowing your personality type will also help you interact with others, work as a team, understand family dynamics, and even finding your mate. In essence, you will be helped in finding your mission in life and what you were created to do on earth.

Sau-Wing Lam, MBA

Mr Lam was born and raised in a Christian family in Hong Kong. He accepted Christ at age 12, met his wife Edith at age 16, and came to the United States as a foreign student at age 17. After graduating with an MBA degree from UC Berkeley, he has held senior executive positions in banking, finance, and telecommunications. His last position was as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the United Commercial Bank, then the largest bank in the Chinese community in the United States.

When he turned 45, by God’s grace, he retired from the commercial world to devote all his time to a financial-stewardship ministry. For the past 20 years he has been using financial management as a tool to reach the unsaved with the gospel. To avoid any conflict of interest, and by God’s grace, he has remained an unpaid volunteer throughout these 20 years of ministry. Mr Lam preaches and speaks frequently at Chinese churches. Each week, he hosts five live financial radio programs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, in which he answers call-in questions from listeners. Each Friday evening, he hosts a live television program on KTSF. He also invites his listeners to ask questions by email, and receives an average of 100 emails each day from people in various parts of the United States. He visits families with special needs to help them solve their problems.

Mr Lam recently finished his 7-year tenure as Ministry Director of the Northern California branch of Chinese Christian Herald Crusades and the Chief Editor of the Northwestern edition of Herald Monthly, both unpaid positions. Having a passion for Israel, he has led 16 tours to the Holy Land and speaks frequently about the history and future of Israel. In the second half of 2018, he started the Ark Tours, bringing people to Kentucky to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. On these tours, he has taught about creation and the global flood, and what they mean to us.

Christian Stewardship in Action (Cantonese)

The workshop will discuss several parts of financial stewardship, which include setting family budgets and financial goals, investing, teaching children personal finances, and estate planning. There will also be a discussion about tithes and offerings.

Eric Liang, PhD

Dr Liang believes learning never stops. He obtained his PhD degree in aerospace from Stanford University, his BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley, and his MBA degree from UCLA; he is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from The Master’s University (TMU). So far, he has had careers in engineering research, and in IT and business strategy consulting. He also serves as adjunct professor of business at TMU. Like Moses, he yearns for a third career before his life on earth is over – hopefully an offering that will glorify the King of the Eternal Kingdom. He loves photography and classical music and plays some piano and guitar. He likes to write about faith, business, technology, and politics, and currently hosts a show on world affairs for Creation TV.

梁柏恩 深信學無止境。他從史丹福大學得航天博士,UC Berkeley 得機械工程學士 及碩士、從 UCLA 得工商管理碩士,現正在 The Master’s University 研讀聖經學碩士學位。至今他已經歷過的不同行業有工程硏究、資訊科技和企業策略顧問,亦在TMU作商科客 座教授。像摩西一樣,他渴望在世上有生之年能品嚐到第三個事業生涯⸺但盼是能榮耀永恆國度之君的奉献。他熱愛攝影和古典音樂,略懂鋼琴與吉他。他喜歡撰寫有關信仰 、工商、科技和政治的文章,亦在南加州創世電視主持一個評論時事的節目。

The Rev. Joseph Tang and Helen Tang

The Rev. Joseph Tang

Wheaton College (MA in Missions, 1985)
Dean of Students, China Evangelical Seminary (1985–1990)
Talbot School of Theology (MDiv, 1992)
Pastor, First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut, California (1993–2002; 2007–2011)
OMF (East Asia, 2003–2006)
Advisory Pastor, Tsim Sha Tsui Mandarin Baptist Church (TSTMBC), Hong Kong (2003-2005) and Christian National Evangelism Commission (CNEC)
Macau Church (2006)

Helen Tang

China Evangelical Seminary (MA in Bible, 1990)
Sunday School Teacher, First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut, California (1993–2002; 2007–2011)
OMF (East Asia, 2003–2006)
Discipleship Training Teacher, Tsim Sha Tsui Mandarin Baptist Church (TSTMBC), Hong Kong (2003–2005) and Christian National Evangelism Commission (CNEC) Macau Church
Lecturer (Discipleship), Macau Bible Institute (2006)

神的旨意與你的一生 (I):
我們應有的認識 (Mandarin)


神的旨意與你的一生 (II):
我們應有的操練今天這世代的光景如何? (Mandarin)


Winston Wong, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Tuoro University, California

Founder, Joshua International Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

Chairman, Luke Christian Medical Missions

Founder and President, Joshua International Medical Group, PC

Primary-care physician, Gateway Medical Group, Anaheim, California

Biomedical engineer, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
Developed computer interface and automation for mass spectrometers.

Systems analyst at Exxon Production Research, Houston, Texas

Dr Wong will be giving two workshops.

Marketplace Evangelism

Details coming soon.

Care for the Elderly

Details coming soon.

Richard Yen, MD, PhD

Dr Yen is a PhD (genetics) and MD (anæsthesiology) who has been with the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference since 1971. He founded both the W4C Alumni Association and a first-class pharmaceutical company. His work developing an effective countermeasure against lethal doses of irradiation is recognized by the US government, including the National Institute of Health and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He is the sole inventor of more than 60 USA and international patents. His latest book, The Origin of Adam, published by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, discusses Genesis in light of the latest findings of human genetics.

How Science Can Help Our Faith (English, Mandarin)

Science is only a systematic way of studying events that can be repeated. For example, it can predict very well how fast my car key will fall once I have let it go. But it cannot predict when, or even if, I would let the key drop – the decision is not made by gravity but by me. Faith, on the other hand, deals with events that are typically unique and cannot be repeated. For example, your birth into this world is definitely an unique event. No matter how much you know about the science of gestation, you cannot ask your mother to do it again. A careful observation of the events around you will reveal that unique events (e.g. falling in love) are often more important to you than reproducible events (e.g. your digestive enzymes being able to break up the steak you have eaten.) Also, faith always precedes action – if you do not believe that restaurant will serve the food you want to eat, you will not go there. If you do not believe something is good for you (or feels good), you will not do it. This workshop will help you understand why an orderly universe, including your ability to digest food or circulate oxygen in your body is really God’s gift to you so that you can make up your mind what to do with your life. So, think of a question on science or faith, then come and ask Dr Yen about it.

Michael Yung, PhD

Dr Yung has been a coworker and adult Sunday school teacher at the Chinese Bible Church in West Los Angeles for more than 30 years and was actively involved in the WCCCC movement in the 1970s and 1980s. His passion is inductive Bible study, and with his background training in engineering he is interested incorporating knowledge from mathematics and physics into our understanding of biblical teachings.
翁偉琦博士擔任洛杉磯西區聖道堂的同工及成人主日學老師三十多年,在七十及八十年代 積極參與冬令會的事奉。他最熱衷於歸納式查經,配合他在工程科方面的訓練,培養了他 採用數學和物理學的知識來幫助思考聖經教訓的興趣。

How To Resolve and Apply Contradicting Theological Teachings in the Bible (English)

This workshop will, based on the Bible, develop a framework that enables you to think intelligently about the many apparent theological contradictions in the Bible and to apply them correctly in your Christian living. Examples are the one Godhead versus the three persons of the Holy Trinity and God’s predestination versus human decision in salvation. The talk will take a closer look at the idea of contradiction and spell out the steps for applying the contradicting teachings.