Calling for Worship Servants

The Winter Conference will have daily Morning and Evening Prayer, and each morning after breakfast it will also have a short service after which an invited speaker shares insights from the Scriptures; on the Sunday during the conference, a clergyman will administer Holy Communion.

For each worship service in the Winter Conference, we will need liturgical ministers, or worship servants, of various kinds. A worship service will need a service-leader, one or more lectors (Scripture-readers), and a precentor (and musical director) who leads the singing supported by additional musicians. The Holy Communion service on Sunday will need communion-servers; a sermon or an address of some kind, language interpreters. It would be helpful, moreover, to have ushers to help people find their places, especially for those who would like to hear sermons and other addresses interpreted.

In response to these needs, I urge you to consider prayerfully whether you might serve in some of these capacities at this December’s conference. Some training will be provided, that in each of these roles each servant may be spiritually equipped for the task entrusted to him.


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