Attend the Winter Conference, 4 Days, for $25?

Yes, you read that right: some of you may get to attend the four-day Winter Conference for just $25. If you are trained with us (see the Alumni Association’s website) and attend the conference as an inductive Bible study leader this year, leading three Bible studies, you will receive a discount of $110. We have also set the student registration fee at $135 for those who register early enough, which means students who are leading Bible studies at the conference get to pay a grand total of $135 − $110 = $25.

This is because we have alumni and young-adult attendees who are willing to give more to encourage students to step up as leaders in the study of God’s holy word, leaders who will set an example in investigating carefully what God actually says in each place in the Scriptures. The word of God is more precious than much fine gold, and to many of us a student who helps others study God’s word diligently is more valuable than the money in our keeping. ‘Where your heart is, there your treasure will be also,’ and we are willing to invest in something that will not spoil.


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