2019 WCCCC Evaluation and Feedback

5 thoughts on “2019 WCCCC Evaluation and Feedback

  1. The overall conference was good
    1. The music was upbeat, fun yet spiritual
    2. The workshops were enlightening
    3. The Bible studies were meaningful
    4. The prayer times were too scripted, didn’t mind one or two scripted prayer but spontaneous prayers were needed.
    5. I would have enjoyed the Lectures more if the speaker was a bit energetic or a little animated. The lectures we’re substantive but boring. Perhaps a workshop would have been more appropriate?
    However, I appreciated the hard work from everyone’s contribution, can’t emphasize it enough: Go WCCCC Staff , Workshop Lecturer etc. May a God bless you all more and more.

  2. Thank you for all the brothers and sisters who put in so much work to make the conference happen. It was a blessed few days – a great way to end 2019 and begin 2020. Only wish more people would come and also be blessed.

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